You can order Complete Clips, and DISCOUNT MEMBERSHIPS (check question #1 about Memberships below for details) with PayPal by sending me an EMAIL

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Can I buy DISCOUNT CLIPS & MEMBERSHIPS directly from Christina with PayPal?

Yes. Clips are always at least 30% off if you buy them directly from me. You can buy any length of membership you want by sending the payment directly to me.
1 month   $12.95
3 months  $34.95
6 months  $59.95
12 months  $99.95
    5 YEARS  $250.00

2. Do you do sessions?

The answer is NO. I am not a Dom. I enjoy Trampling, Crushing, and Posing for Pics, but I have no desire to satisfy the needs of strange men privately. When I meet with strangers to do videos, there is a videographer with us at all times.

3. Do you have a boyfriend?

I have a significant other. And I am faithful to him.

4. How can I be in one of your videos?

It is relatively easy. There is a $450 fee that you must pay in advance. If you want two girls, the fee is $775. I must agree to the scenario of the video. You must submit your picture to me before we begin negotiations. The photo is needed for security reasons, not to screen clients. You can pick the shoes I will wear and suggest an outfit for me to wear. You must provide the shooting location, ie; hotel room, your house, etc. The video shoot usually takes 3 to 5 hours to complete. If you want to be Trampled, expect pain and some marks on your body. I can hide your face in the video, but I can't disguise the Heel Marks on your bare skin. Unless you are telling your wife what we were doing, you better be prepared to keep your shirt on for a week or more. If there are any extra props you want, such as a riding crop, gloves for me to wear, a "special outfit you saw on line" then you must provide those items. If you are interested, start by sending me an Email.

5. About CUSTOM Foot Jobs and Hand Jobs.

I do CUSTOM CLIPS and VIDEOS with Foot Jobs and Hand Jobs but only with former video co-stars.  If you want to find out how to be in one of these videos,  Email me a picture of yourself, and we can discuss the details privately.

6. How do I order a "CUSTOM" video?

The cost of custom videos is the same as if you were in the video. The fee starts at $375 for a 30 minute video. If you want 2 girls, the fee starts at $575. What I mean by "starts at $375" is that I agree with your scenario and I don't need any props I don't already have (or that you provide) to do the video, then the basic fee of $375 applies. The price goes up of I get a detailed script, or additional props are required. When I get a detailed script, the fee can go over several thousand dollars because of the time it takes to shoot and edit. I do a lot of Driving videos, but I don't have a stick shift car available, nor do I know how to drive one. I don't do revving videos in my cars, and I don't do stuck videos in my cars.
To get started, send me an Email.

7. How do I order CUSTOM CLIPS?

You have searched through all my clip stores and on my main site and you still can't find what you are looking for? Then order a custom clip. It is a fraction of the cost of a CUSTOM VIDEO. Custom clips start at $10 per minute with a $150 MINIMUM. Then, I will give you a link to download your clip. So, for as little as $150 you can have what you want. Props, mileage (for Pedal Clips) and special items will be negotiated separately. To get started, send me an Email.


Yes! I really do. I have been a CRUSH Girl since I was very young. When I started wearing Heels at 16, I thought I was in heaven. What a feeling! And guys really noticed me when I started wearing Heels. But when bugs and snails got in my path, crushing them in heels was much more satisfying than in my school shoes. Then, my good friend ^kingfish and my boyfriend introduced me to TRAMPLING. As soon as I started to trample my boyfriend, he got rock hard. That was enough for me. I always want to satisfy my man, but this was way too easy. The harder I dug my heels in, the harder he got. Now I get wet just thinking about it.

9. Do you really wear HEELS all the time?

Yes! All of the time. Even my bedroom slippers have heels. I have 4' heels on my hiking boots! I have one pair of tennis shoes that I wear to jog once in a while, but for walks, I wear heels.

10. Why don't I see LIVE CRUSH in the MEMBERS' AREA?

Simply, my hosting service forbids it. If you wan to see LIVE CRUSH with crabs, snails, and other insects, go to my CRUSH CLIP STORE here:

11. Why don't you sell clips on DVD anymore?

Because most people don't have the proper tools on their computer to play DVD clips. The DVD for clips is used as a storage device only. As clearly as it was written on my order page, that the clip DVD's would ONLY play on a computer, many guys tried to play them in DVD Players. I can see their frustration, even though they didn't read my caution. So there are now 3 ways to get clips:

Order through my stores and have Instant Download Access.
Order directly through me with WESTERN UNION, US Money Order, or PayPal and get almost Instant Download Access.

12. Do you answer all of your own Emails?

I really do.

Got a question I didn't answer here?

Send me an Email.